Property Integrity & Confidentiality Policy

One of the company’s prime focuses is to provide our customers with an operational and business environment that addresses the strictest confidentiality requirements.

Our policy and internal processes ensure that confidentiality and integrity are to the core of the company's operations.

  • A written policy, included in our employee handbook
  • All personnel under confidentiality agreement upon employment
  • Regular training held to highlight Presto’s confidentiality requirements, and the procedures put in place to implement them
  • All material (esp. databases and test programs) deemed confidential to be clearly identified and marked

Additionally, it is Presto's business model to focus on selected customers and establish an infrastructure supporting the relationship. Consequently, a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) deals with each one of our customers on an exclusive basis, and is responsible of the integrity and confidentiality of all confidential data.

Practical steps have been taken to partition the company's information systems and firewall all systems and computers that will hold customer's confidential information. A log is maintained and reviewed monthly by management. Purging is documented.

It is well understood by everyone at Presto Engineering that in our ultra-competitive markets, confidentiality is more than a requirement — it is part of the un-compromised basics of doing business.