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Facility provides state-of-the-art capability to support Presto Engineering’s design success analysis services

SAN JOSE, CALIF () — Presto Engineering, Inc., a provider of design success analysis services to the semiconductor industry, announced today that it has acquired a test facility in San Jose, California from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. The acquisition will enable Presto Engineering to provide product engineering services to Cypress and other semiconductor manufacturers, with a focus on improving the speed and predictability of new products as they ramp up from design to manufacturing.

“As semiconductor design and manufacturing have become more complex, product engineering—the process of refining the initial design to achieve profitability in high-volume production―has become exponentially more difficult,” said Michel Villemain, Presto Engineering CEO. “It requires deep technical expertise in the disparate disciplines of electrical test, physical analysis, process technology and design. Presto Engineering’s ‘design success analysis’ is a comprehensive product engineering service that complements manufacturers’ internal engineering resources and improves the speed and predictability of new product introductions.”

The first and most critical step in the product engineering process is electrical testing to evaluate device performance and localize areas of concern for subsequent physical analysis. This acquisition of the 9,800-square foot operation provides Presto Engineering with in-house test capabilities and capacity to offer these services to other semiconductor manufacturers and design houses.

“The facility enhances our ability to support customers quickly and comprehensively,” added Villemain. “We expect the industry to move toward ‘labless’ product engineering in the same way it has moved to ‘fabless’ manufacturing.”

“The time it takes to go from first silicon to high-volume production can be the single most important determinant in the success of a new product,” said Mike LaBouff, vice president of engineering for Cypress. “Anything that enhances the speed and predictability of that process is extremely valuable. Presto’s acquisition of our test floor gives us ready access to their extensive expertise and new advanced analysis capabilities.”

As semiconductor designs and manufacturing processes have become more complex, shrinking process windows and increasing interaction between design parameters and process performance have made the product release process more difficult and less predictable. Product engineering has developed into a complex discipline requiring specialized expertise in electrical test, physical analysis, manufacturing processes and design. Presto Engineering provides a comprehensive solution designed to complement its clients’ internal product engineering resources with the expertise and advanced test and analysis capabilities that have historically been available only in the central labs of the largest manufacturers.

With the PrestoPE™ services package, customers are charged a fixed project fee and pay only for success, allowing simple up-front budgeting and guaranteed results. Registering a design early (at tape out) can save significant additional time by allowing advance preparation of test fixtures and procedures.


Presto Engineering provides design success analysis services to semiconductor manufacturers, helping them improve the speed and predictability of new product releases. Presto combines deep technical expertise, extensive industry experience and state-of-the-art test and analysis capabilities to offer a comprehensive solution designed to complement the internal engineering resources of its customers. A pioneer in the field of outsourced product engineering support, Presto has positioned itself to play a leading role in the industry’s transformation to a labless product engineering model, analogous to the fabless/foundry manufacturing model. The labless model allows semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate new product introductions while reducing costs by sharing capital-intensive test and analytical capacity. Presto Engineering is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Additional information is available on the company’s website at