Press Release

Presto Engineering Introduces New Thermal Solution for Analysis of High Power Devices

Presto’s innovative Allegheny heat-spreader supports in-silicon analysis of devices dissipating in excess of 300W, as an add-on to the most advanced optical systems

SAN JOSE, CALIF ― Presto Engineering, Inc., a provider of product engineering services to the semiconductor industry, announced today the release of its new Allegheny thermal control system for high-power device in-silicon analysis. The innovative design combines a diamond-based heat-spreader with a novel method to clamp the device-under-test (DUT). The patent-pending system can be installed in most state-of-the art backside in-silicon analysis systems and enables imaging with air-gap and immersion lenses. In addition it does not require liquid to be in contact with the DUT, thereby enabling high-power devices to be analyzed in-silicon while being tested—the most advanced method for modern semiconductor bring-up and failure analysis.

“Our team has comprehensive experience with high-power analysis requirements. We’ve spent a lot of time listening to our customers and understanding their requirements” said Frank Sauk, Presto’s Vice President of Engineering and co-founder. “I am very pleased we have been able to deliver this very unique design that provides flexibility and reliability in analyzing the most advanced designs.”

Allegheny accommodates most packages and is easily adaptable to customer sockets. The system allows all optical analysis techniques to be performed through its diamond window, while maintaining the device temperature across the full commercial temperature range, for precise silicon analysis. With its unique thermal conduction efficiency, device temperature can be held within a predictable range, even at power levels beyond 300 watts. Allegheny is also designed for use on mechanical probing stations, enabling high-power DC and one-shot timing in-circuit measurements.

Allegheny is now in production. Detailed product packaging and pricing information is available by contacting Presto. Delivery is within 8 weeks after receipt of order.