Press Release

Presto Engineering Partners With Nanolab Technologies

Presto Engineering's test and design success analysis services, combined with NanoLab's analytical capabilities, provide a turn-key solution to customers

SAN JOSE, CALIF ―Presto Engineering, Inc., a provider of product engineering services to the semiconductor industry, today announced a partnership with NanoLab Technologies, Inc., located in Sunnyvale, Calif. The mutual contracting agreement enables the companies to offer turn-key engineering, test and analytical services to customers, helping them to improve the speed and efficiency and minimize the cost of bringing new products to market.

"Success in today's competitive environment requires that chip makers have a network of suppliers with each providing superior capabilities in their respective areas of expertise," said Michel Villemain, Presto Engineering CEO. "This partnership with NanoLab enables us to focus on our core competence--integrating and analyzing electrical test and physical analysis data to accelerate the product release process--while giving our customers ready access to the specialized skill set offered by NanoLab.

"The expertise and capital expenditures required to maintain state-of-the-art capability in all of the specialized scientific and engineering disciplines needed to support advanced semiconductor manufacturing have grown beyond the means of all but the largest manufacturers," said John Traub, President, NanoLab Technologies. "Outsourcing these services to suppliers like NanoLab and Presto allows manufacturers to convert the fixed cost of internal capabilities to a variable cost that is readily scalable in response to varying demands. Because we can focus our efforts and investments more narrowly and operate more efficiently, we can provide superior capability, often at a lower cost.

Presto Engineering's unique Design Success Analysis service focuses on the complex discipline of product engineering--shepherding new products from first silicon to final release by refining the initial design and tuning the manufacturing processes to achieve profitable yields in high-volume production. Success requires detailed understanding and sophisticated capability in three essential areas: the manufacturing processes used for advanced semiconductor devices, the electrical testing techniques used to evaluate performance and localize deficiencies or failures, and the imaging and physical analysis used to reveal the structural root causes.

Presto's partnership with NanoLab ensures fast, reliable access to their advanced imaging and physical analysis capabilities, complementing Presto's existing electrical test facilities and completing the infrastructure needed to offer seamless, turn-key services. Design Success Analysis supplements manufacturers' internal engineering resources to ensure a faster, more predictable product release process, getting new products to market sooner without costly surprises.