FIB Circuit Edit

Focus Ion Beam (FIB) is a critical capability to turn a failing unit into a functional one.

Traditional FIB technology was established back on the 3-metal, aluminum layer days with Lab6 column, secondary electron imaging and rough, visual end-pointing. Those capabilities have considerably evolved in order to respond to the numerous challenges that new process and packaging technologies raised over the years:

  • Higher-energy beams (W, FEG) for smaller spot size and faster operations
  • Secondary electron and ion collectors for better end-pointing
  • Advanced chemistries for selective etching (especially copper lines), isolation and deposition
  • CAD-based navigation
  • Precision, laser stages for finer beam placement

The most dramatic shift in FIB circuit edit technology came about with the emergence of flip-chip packaging which essentially blocked access to metal, front-side and drove FIB to edit from the silicon, back-side, thanks to advanced optical techniques for navigating.

Presto Engineering’s founding team was part of engineering and application groups at the major makers of FIB tools and have therefore unequaled experience if this field. We operate several FIB tools world-wide for front- and back-side operations, including copper metallization.