Reliability Services

Presto Engineering reliability laboratories offer a wide range of stresses, both electrical and environmental, for components (wafer, die, package) as well as electronics/mechatronics assemblies.

Our ESD/latch-up testers and ovens ensure we follow all the common standards used in electronic/microelectronic industries (including JEDEC, AEC, MIL, ISO, ESDA, and IEC). We can also adapt our equipment and methods to custom standards. We manage high power and RF stresses.

For electrical and biased environmental stresses, our engineering teams can design the needed custom hardware and will manage the manufacturing of it—ensuring high-quality test and validation in-house.

Electrical supported stresses

  • ESD HBM / MM
  • Latch-UP / OVS
  • TLP
  • TDDB characterization

Environmental supported stresses

  • MSL preconditioning
  • Temperature cycling and thermal shock (TMCL, TC)
  • Power temperature cycling (PTC)
  • High/Low Temperature storage (HTSL, LTSL)
  • Temperature and humidity (THNB, uHAST, PPOT, Autoclave)
  • Salt Spray (NSS)
  • Biased Operating life test (HTOL, ELFR, LTOL)
  • Biased humidity test (THB, HAST)
  • Vibration, thermal, humidity (HALT, HASS)
  • Mechanical shock
  • Vibration
  • Constant acceleration