Thermal Solutions - Allegheny

Advanced Thermal Solution

Need analysis at cold?

Problems cooling 300+ Watts devices?

Issues using air-gap & immersion lenses with same cooling system?

Advanced optical analysis techniques require thermal solutions to adapt to a wide variety of lenses (air-gap, liquid and solid immersion). Additionally, new consumer and mobile applications require not only cooling, but also thermal control (both hot and cold).

Presto Engineering has created a new kind of thermal interface for analysis which combine the benefits of diamond windows and compatibility with all lenses, as well as the ability to "dial-in" temperature for precise characterization.

Allegheny uses an innovative clamping scheme to hold the device under analysis within its socket, while moving a diamond window along with the analysis instrumentation. Most types of packages can be accommodated; there is no additional requirement on sample preparation.

Using carefully designed heat exchanging schemes, Allegheny supports high power devices well in excess of 300W under analysis (while tested). Allegheny also allows precise temperature characterization, including use of a standard mechanical probe station.