As we facilitate your design activity with foundries, we can also select, design, qualify, and produce your product’s package based on your chip-to-package co-design requirements. Our package engineers have experience in all lead frames or laminate-based surface mount packages, Smart Card modules, and in-lays and flex circuits, as well as wafer packaging and bumping options for WLCSP optimal soldering.

Our one-roof partnerships with major OSAT’s allow us to offer a large portfolio of packaging solutions at competitive cost, mid-to-large capacity, and with a high level of quality.

We maintain an internal database of more than 850 packages (standard and semi-customs). We operate a proprietary reference/maturity management system that allows you to drive multiple combinations of silicon, software stack (ROM code, secure boot), package, personalization (OS, keys), test flows and finishing – and ultimately automatically create your own product references and catalog.