Lab Services & Custom Hardware

In order to support a very wide array of semiconductor products and applications, Presto Engineering operates advanced laboratories in Europe and North America. Besides performing full test and qualification projects for new products, we provide lab services that leverage our advanced capabilities (both equipment and expertise). Those services include:

Additionally, Presto Engineering’s founding team has extensive background in the semiconductor equipment industry and has managed or contributed to numerous original design projects for automated test equipment (ATE), customer electronics and lab tools.

We complement the services we provide (through off-the-shelf capabilities) with solutions we design and manufacture. We produce numerous custom boards (e.g., test loadboards, probe cards; ESD adapters; reliability BIBs or HAST boards) and custom assemblies (e.g., ATE thermal/optical or low-vibration interfaces).

We also design and build complete, specialized test solutions for specific applications or tailored customer environment.