Turn Key Solutions

Presto Engineering is your external “Make” function

Turning a new design into a semiconductor product is a complex, time consuming, and resource demanding endeavor that cannot be improvised if it is to be successful.

Presto Engineering offers a one-stop shop for semiconductor manufacturing, from wafer procurement to shipment of finished products.

Founded by veterans of the semiconductor backend equipment and services industry, we leverage our history, expertise, and knowledge of product engineering to develop and provide a comprehensive array of industrialization and production service solutions.

In order to reduce your risks and costs, we have assembled a unique combination of proprietary capabilities within a comprehensive support ecosystem for your new product launches.

DEDICATED - Our Deep Technology Expertise

Our worldwide team, more than 100-strong, comes from leading companies in the industry, having honed their skills on many development projects and ramp challenges. Presto has in-house expertise in frontend process selection, package selection and design, and product industrialization, all focusing on quality and profitability, just in time. When it comes to RF, analog, embedded memory and security, our knowledge of test is second to none.

FLEXIBLE - A Unique Set of Capabilities

Presto operates our own resources and equipment. We will develop custom test solutions, both hardware and software, based on a vast array of testers and/or instruments; then qualified production solutions with in-house probers and handlers.

Your products will be qualified in our own reliability labs with specialists in ESD/LU, HTOL, and all other standardized stresses. Our experts will help you design the best qualification plan for your product mission profile.

Our facilities include secured floors and a comprehensive IT system (in all regions) supporting EAL 5/6 secured operations in production.

GLOBAL - A Complete Solution

Presto is present in North America, Europe and Asia. We provide proximity during the development phase when seamless technical interaction makes the difference between a market window intercepted or missed. Your product’s ramp is managed with our own team in each production location, including Asia (in Thailand and Taiwan).

For your volume production, Presto will execute a completed program on our own floors or, if volume exceeds our internal capabilities, transfer to a partner’s floor. Together with our engineers, we take pride in taking ownership of your product manufacturing, including monitoring and yield improvement, based on best practices developed over a long history of working with foundries and backend providers.

You Design it. We Produce it.™