As part of our turnkey services offering, Presto Engineering deals with most operations related to wafer fabrication (or front-end manufacturing), including:

  • Support for IP selection and validation
  • Process-related support during the design process
  • Tapeout execution
  • Maskset and wafer procurement
  • Sourcing and supply chain management
  • Production support: yield reporting, improvement and monitoring

Our on-staff device and production engineers will work hand-and-hand with your architecture and design team in order to facilitate DRC gates and tapeout, while ensuring that your design is manufacturable (Design For Manufacturing - DFM) and testable cost-effectively (Design For Test - DFT).

Our supply chain management team will plan for your production, turning IC/die demand into wafer start scheduling. Our web-based system will track and report work-in-process (WIP) through our MES integration with all key foundries, as well as yield.

Our product engineering teams will take on yield excursions and/or degradation and leverage their deep experience in dealing with wafer fabs, resulting in efficient reporting, analysis and ultimately, corrective action plans.

You Design it. We Produce it.™