Solutions for the Internet of Things

The IoT world is that of diversity. A typical IoT component needs to sense the world, process and store data, communicate through an autonomous internet connection; and all of this needs to take place in a secured environment.

To meet these challenges, devices must incorporate sensors, wireless communication (RF), embedded memory and low-power processing. To have all these attributes working together, manufactured in volume and at low cost requires a very large array of engineering expertise and skill sets.

Leveraging decades of hands-on experience developing solutions for high-volume production of complex, versatile devices, Presto provides just that, from GDSII to a fully completed quality product, through the all-important steps of Product Engineering and backend (assembly and test). With Presto’s wide expertise in RF test solutions, Sigfox, LoRa, WiSun or IoT-NB adopters can leverage a wealth of semiconductor and module production back-end services from Presto global hub network.

Our capabilities include:

  • Unique test expertise, including low-power processing, analog & mixed signal, RF and embedded non-volatile memory.
  • Long experience in tailoring test solutions optimized for cost of test.
  • A keen knowledge of the workings of testers – we have developed/will develop custom testers when needed to achieve the lowest cost of test.
  • Deep knowledge of packaging, including modules, for best form-factor and cost options.
  • In-house reliability and failure analysis capabilities for fast qualification cycles and rapid response to both production and field issues.
  • Incorporating your secrets without knowing them in high-volume secured production environments located in Europe and Asia.

Presto uses a proprietary production management IT system that supports multi-referencing of the same silicon product. This not only allows late personalization of secure devices for reduced WIP inventory, but also enables sophisticated marketing portfolio management—a critical feature for IoT applications that tend to be tailored to many customers and/or market sub-segments.

You Design it. We Produce it.™