RF and Mixed-Signal Test Solutions

New applications require interaction with the actual world—which is analog! The proliferation of MEMS, as well as many other micro sensing devices for temperature, optics, pressure and more, have made it possible to integrate considerable sensing functionality in a very limited space at costs never achieved before. We can now sense and analyze many more parameters, making it possible to better understand and predict our world.

Processing this information requires A/D conversion, and a way to communicate the data to a more central point. To do so requires short and medium range RF transmission, as well at the ability to manage limited data at low power demands, or conversely, very high data rates and content.

Over the years, Presto has developed unique expertise in testing radio-frequency (RF), high-speed analog and mixed-signal devices used in the communication, automotive, medical, military, space and industrial fields. We have close relationships with the major test suppliers and we utilize platforms from (among others):

  • Advantest
  • Keysight
  • National Instruments
  • Teradyne
  • Xcerra

Most critically, we have a long track record in testing devices from DC to the millimeter/micro-wave range, both at wafer and package levels. By developing our own hardware when off-the-shelve solutions fall short of your performance, coverage or cost objectives, we bring you the optimal solution.

We take on your new product with a datasheet and develop a complete test solution that we will run in production using one of our world-wide test floors.

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