Secured Applications

Security is becoming a primary challenge in an increasing number of electronics applications, starting with the Internet of Things (IoT), as the interest in gathering and storing personal data increases. There is no doubt that drawing intelligence from personal data that is gathered through sensors will bring a lot of benefits to our future. But without adequate security, a lack of trust among consumers could seriously limit adoption of new products, a challenge for companies wishing to introduce them. Fortunately, security solutions already exist, developed for the financial payments industry.

Individual hard coding, multiple security keys, custom operating systems, and disintegrated implantation of secrets are an integral part of the solutions applied to today’s payment, identity, access, and NFC industries. Our team in Meyreuil (Aix-en-Provence, France) has decades of experience in this domain and Presto leverages this track record to provide solutions for devices requiring hardware-based security, which are quickly finding their way into the IoT world.

Our secured solutions include:

  • The ability to incorporate your secrets without knowing them (from UID, transport keys, to authorization certificates and OS/SW personalization)
  • A comprehensive information technology (IT) system that complies with common criteria/evaluation assurance level (EAL) requirements; it is deployed in France and Asia, in dedicated data rooms connected by a company-dedicated secured network
  • Secured test floor (EAL5+/6) in Meyreuil, Thailand and Taiwan
  • Secured worldwide warehouse in Hong-Kong
  • The ability to produce secure modules for the contact, contactless and dual interface needs
  • Trained staff operating secured flows in France and Asia
  • Expert engineering developing secured elements implementation, especially at probe (EWS)
  • The ability to assist you in preparing your devices for EMVco certification, including equipment and support for all the critical tests to assure you pass on the first attempt

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